Thursday, November 16, 2006

October 8th - Foster's Corn Maze Outing

The Wizard Slugg has taken the pumpkin King's magical sword and frozen the royal family putting a spell over the Pumpkin Castle. In their first outing together the Daisys worked together to find clues in the Corn Maze scavenger hunt in order to solve a riddle and save Pumpkin Castle.

We found a clue!!!

Let's try this way!

Checking the map for more clues.

Now that we have saved Pumpkin Castle, time for a story and some ice cream.


jbb said...

CUUUUTE!!! I love that Rachel is also a little Daisy! I miss you guys!! Love, Joy and Penelope and Millie

mtakworthley said...

OOOhhhh! Very cute. If Kathryn needs a daisy pen pal...keep us in mind. We'll do the same.

mtakworthley said...

Also, I can't believe how LONG Kathryn's hair! Miss you guys.

Lindeman said...

How adorable that Kathryn is a Daisy! Loved the photos, even if they did bring tears to my hormonal-eyes. Miss you guys so much! Love,
Terri, Karl, Kacey